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Knots 3D v8.1.1 build 2022900024 Mod Apk

Knots 3D v8.1.1 build 2022900024 Mod Apk. There are many situations where you will need to find different types of knots: traveling by train, fishing, camping or simply decorating, tying an item in the house… Then if you don’t know the name of that knot, searching for how to do it on the Internet will be quite hard. Instead, you should look for an application that has everything about knots like Knots 3D APK. Now you just need to open it and see the manual right away. Knots 3D will show and teach you to tie all kinds of knots under each category and function group. Just download this application, you have in hand all kinds of knots from the past until now. Knots 3D currently has 155 knots and is regularly added for all categories. Using Knots 3D, you can browse knots by category (group of applications) or search them by name, common synonyms, or similar knots in the same category group. When viewing a still image of a specific knot on each instruction page, you can view it in landscape, portrait, or full-screen mode to see as much detail as possible. And in the live instruction showing how to tie each knot, you have to play/ pause to adjust its speed any time you want. Also Download Solid Explorer File Manager.Knots 3D Mod Apk App For Android The knot can be rotated for a detailed 360-degree panoramic view. Or you can also rewind to see how to tie the knot. All is controlled via a large instruction screen, full of corresponding function buttons. Just touch and get what you want. Knots 3D also supports light/dark mode for comfortable viewing in all lighting conditions. Interestingly, there are no ads or requests or register for any in-app purchases. You can use it freely right after downloading without any problems or discomfort. Currently, Knots 3D is supporting many languages ​​for easy access of users everywhere: English, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Norway. Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey. Category (camping, fishing, climbing, decorative, boating, pioneering…): this is the division of knots according to their uses and benefits. When there is a need, depending on the work and necessary features of the button, you just need to go here and select the appropriate category. It helps to reduce the search time and is also a way for you to know better with your work, which types of knots should be familiar. type of knot in the same selected category.Knots 3D V8.1.1 Build 2022900024 Mod Apk There are many types of knots in each group of uses. For example, for boating, there are Anchor Hitch, Munter Hitch… This Type again helps you to summarize the knots of the same functional group. To see a knot pattern, just tap it and a detailed instruction screen will appear. Each of these specific tutorials will include a Close-up still image of the knot (zoomable), and a customizable video tutorial. Below are Usage, Warning, Also known as, Related (other related knots). this menu item allows you to save all kinds of knots you need or are interested in. When needed, just open this list to see without having to search again. This list of favorites is saved in unlimited quantities. From the Type section, you just need to touch the heart-shaped icon to have that knot in your Favorite. To complete the levels quickly, are you interested in how to tie and untie the rope quickly and effectively? For each game, we should still accumulate some skills as well as experience to perform them successfully. A few tips and tricks for players will help you complete them quickly to reach a high level in Knots 3D. Advise players to take a moment to delve into the knots before making their move.Knots 3D V8.1.1 Build 2022900024 Mod Apk Besides, players should also pay attention to the colors of the ropes to find the critical point and quickly implement it. If one step is smooth, it will make the ropes more tangled. Knots 3D is built with subtle gameplay that gives players more than 152 different ways of tying and untying. For each level, players will have access to a different style of tying and untying. If you are a new player, the application will assist you in every smallest detail. Therefore, the game requires players to focus and absorb knowledge from the tutorial to learn how to do it. Because the images are illustrated with an intuitive 3D image interface, players can perform operations entirely efficiently. More than 152 ways to tie in the application will be a helpful reference for players to apply to their ropes. If you’re stuck, open up pathways to review it. To be honest, the game offers gameplay that makes your brain more active. Currently, there are many games related to the same topic as Knots 3D, but this game is considered to be a lot of fun to play. It not only helps players release emotions but also improves patience. Using the game continuously is like a perfect exercise for your brain to grow stronger.

Knots 3D Mod Apk Features:

  1. 164 unique knots with new ones added frequently.
  2. Browse by category or search by name, common synonym, or ABOK #.
  3. Supports landscape and portrait modes as well as fullscreen (Zoom in on a knot to see greater detail).
  4. Watch knots tie themselves and pause or adjust the speed of the animation at any time.
  5. Rotate knots in 360-degree, 3D views to study them from any angle with a swipe of a finger.
  6. Interact with the knot on screen by “scrubbing” over the knot to advance or rewind the animation.
  7. Dark mode / Light Mode.
  8. No advertisements. No in-app purchases. No subscriptions. Ever!
  9. It displays the number of existing knots in a specific group of uses. The numbers in this section will be displayed when you are in the Category section.
  10. This is the division of knots according to their uses and benefits.

Knots 3D APP INFO:

  • Name: Knots 3D
  • Publisher: Nynix LLC
  • Category: Utilities
  • MOD Features: PAID/Patched
  • Version: 8.0.5
  • Size: 134M
  • Price: FREE
  • Requires: Android

Knots 3D Premium Mod Apk

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